Minos™ - EVAR Ultra-Low Profile Design

Expanding the Possibilities of EVAR with Ultra-Low Profile Design


We introduce MinosTM a refined take on a traditional EVAR device, bringing together the best of technologies, alongside additional benefits.

Castor - TEVAR Proximal multi mini springs


MinosTM features a tri-modular design, allowing customised patient planning. Universal use of limbs on both sides, permits precise landing in short common iliacs, with added adjustable overlapping ability.

Ultra-low profile delivery system of 14F / 16F main body, and 12F iliac limbs with hydrophilic coating supports smooth introduction.

Seamless PET graft has a durable multifilament weave and the stent is electro-polished nitinol.

Minos™ - EVAR  features
Minos™ - EVAR  helical stent

Helical stent design limbs ensure flexibility throughout tortuous iliac anatomy and reduces the risks of occlusion.

Optimal seal is obtained through closely positioned proximal stents. Fixation is achieved with laser cut crowns and hooks

Minos™ - EVAR  optimal seal

Closely positioned proximal springs provide seal

Minos™ - EVAR 8 laser-cut crowns and hooks

8 laser-cut crowns and hooks

Reliable Design, Safety and Durability Ensured

The MinosTM Abdominal Aortic Stent Graft and Delivery System was CE-Approved in February 2020.
The MinosTM Abdominal Aortic Stent Graft is not available for use in the USA.