Fenestrated Altura™ used to treat a previous surgical bifurcated graft with proximal aneurysmal disease.

I’m very proud to have been able to perform this procedure here in Hull and be part of the evolution of grafts. This is possible only because of a fantastic team of professionals from various specialties willing to work together for the common good of the patient.

by Dr. Raghu Lakshminarayan  | Vascular Radiologist, Hull Royal Infirmary

Streamlined Case Planning with Flexible Design Process

For planning and designing of your custom built Fenestrated Altura™ device, please contact your local Lombard Medical representative or email fenestration@lombardmedical.com.

Double or single fenestration options are available, with or without an SMA scallop. Fenestrated iliac components are also available.

The Fenestrated Altura™ Endograft System is a non-standard device for the treatment of specific patients. It is not CE marked and is supplied on a named-patient basis only.

The Fenestrated Altura™ Endograft System is not available for use in the USA.