Castor™ - TEVAR

Furthering Treatment for Advance Pathologies

Clinical Cases

Castor™ - TEVAR clinical cases


Castor TEVAR indication

Proximal Fixation in Zones 2 and 3


Castor™ - TEVAR features

Castor™ - TEVAR unique unibody design

Multi-Dimensional Angles 

Allow orientation of the branch to various LSA anatomy requirements.

Unique Unibody Design

Reduces the risk of Type III endoleaks and migration.

Castor - TEVAR Proximal multi mini springs

Castor™ - TEVAR extended length

Castor - TEVAR double path designed cannulation

Serve the Arch, Preserve the Branch

Please note that this is a non-standard device for the treatment of specific patients. As such, it is not CE-marked and is supplied on a named-patient basis only.
The CastorTM Branched Thoracic Stent-Graft System is not available for use in the USA.