The Aorfix Endovascular Stent Graft is designed to be flexible and to more easily treat AAAs with severe bends or angles. This flexibility allows some patients to be treated with a stent graft where open surgery was previously their only option. Aorfix™ is also appropriate for patients who have AAAs with less severe bends or angles.

The stent graft consists of two parts: a main body and a separate plug-in “leg”. A delivery system is used to place the main stent graft body in the aorta and one iliac artery and then to insert the plug-in leg and connect it to the main body in the other iliac artery. The entire stent graft extends from just beneath the renal arteries (blood supply to the kidneys) down the aorta and into both iliac arteries.

What is the benefit of Aorfix™?

The Aorfix Endovascular Stent Graft was designed to cope with bent or twisted arteries but is also appropriate for straight arteries. It is a self-expanding implant made from the following materials: nickel and titanium, called Nitinol, and a woven polyester fabric. All components have been chosen for maximum flexibility and to resist body rejection. The most common reason the implant procedure is not successful is because patient blood vessels are too small or not healthy enough to permit delivery of the stent graft. Your doctor will minimize this risk by reviewing your pre-surgery CT scan. Following the procedure, most patients can go home within a day or two. After a few days to a week of rest, patients can usually return to normal activities.