Patient Implant Card 

Purpose of an Implant Card is to:

·         enable the patient to identify the implanted device and to get access to other information related to the implanted device

·         enable the patient to identify themselves as persons requiring special care in relevant situations

·         inform emergency clinical staff or first responders about special care relevant to the patient in emergency situations

Instructions for filing out patient implant card 

We use state-of-the-art modelling software to perform 3D planning in all anatomies and clinicians find it helpful to use this information to compliment their own findings.

1.       name of the patient or patient ID; to be completed by healthcare institution/provider

2.       date of implantation; to be completed by the healthcare institution/provider

3.       name and address of the healthcare institution/provider; to be completed by healthcare institution/provider

4.       manufacturer’s information website

5.       device type in required language

6.       sticker to be placed by healthcare institution/provider. Sticker contains device name, catalogue reference, Lot number, UDI-DI code (HRI), UDI code (AIDC format)

7.       Name and Address of the manufacturer 

Patient Implant Card - Front 

Symbol Definitions 

Patient Implant Card - Back 

Example of Implant Sticker 

Download an Implant Card here