Company Profile

Lombard Medical Limited is a UK-based medical device company focused solely on the minimally invasive treatment of aortic disease.

In partnership with MicroPort Endovastec, we now offer the low-profile MinosTM AAA stent graft, the HerculesTM TAA stent graft and the CastorTM Branched Thoracic stent graft in addition to our own AorfixTM and AlturaTM stent grafts, giving us a broad portfolio.

Lombard’s latest innovation is the MeridianTM stent graft which launches us into the FEVAR market with the only available 14F fenestrated device, adding even more treatment options to the physician’s armamentarium.

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Highlights From Our History

Lombard Medical is founded


Lombard Medical is founded

The birth of Aorfix EVAR stent graft


The birth of AorfixTM EVAR stent graft

Aorfix™ is CE marked


AorfixTM is CE marked 

Aorfix™ is CE marked for 0-65° angulated necks


AorfixTM is CE marked for 0-65° angulated necks

Aorfix™ US Pythagoras clinical trial begins


AorfixTM US Pythagoras clinical trial begins

Aorfix™ is CE marked for 0-90° angulated necks


AorfixTM is CE marked for 0-90° angulated necks

Aorflex™ Generation Three delivery system  introduced


Generation Three delivery system  introduced

Aorfix™approved by FDA


AorfixTM approved by FDA

Aorfix™ approved in Japan


AorfixTM approved
in Japan

Intelliflex™ Generation Four delivery system  introduced


IntelliflexTM Generation Four delivery system  introduced

Acquisition of Altura<sup>TM</sup> EVAR  stent graft


Acquisition of
AlturaTM EVAR 
stent graft

Acquisition of Lombard by MicroPort Endovastec


Partnership with MicroPort Endovastec

European launch of Hercules™ TEVAR stent graft

May 2020

European launch of HerculesTM TEVAR stent graft

European launch of Minos™ EVAR stent graft

May 2020

European launch of MinosTM EVAR
stent graft

First Fenestrated Altura™ FEVAR stent graft

Oct 2020

First Fenestrated AlturaTM FEVAR stent graft

European launch of Castor™ branched TEVAR stent graft

Feb 2021

European launch of CastorTM branched
TEVAR stent graft

Fenestrated Altura™ marketed as Meridian™ FEVAR stent graft

April 2023

Fenestrated AlturaTM marketed as MeridianTM FEVAR
stent graft